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2012 Louisiana Hail Maps

 Extreme Weather Predictions has the ability to make any hail map at anytime for any one location dating back to 1995!  With each of our hail maps you will receive a detailed Google Map that shows all areas to be affected by Quarter, Golf Ball, and Tennis Ball size hail or larger.  Each swath will have a transparent polygon with three different colors.  Each map is created with high resolution 3D Radar and years of experience in analyzing radar to determine the different hail sizes.  We will also plot all storm reports received from the Storm Prediction Center, Local Storm Spotters, and the National Weather Service.  Custom maps can also be created to show wind swaths, preliminary tornado tracks, your customer list, and much more!  All of our maps are just $199.99 each and if you are new to our service you get buy 1 get 1 free for your first hail map.  If you have any questions please call us at 1-855-334-HAIL or you may click here to send an e-mail.

What you get with your Hail Maps!

Detailed storm analysis showing areas to receive hail wind or tornadoes overlaid on a Google Map.

Hail areas broken down into areas showing quarter to golf ball, golf ball to tennis ball, and larger then tennis ball size hail.

All hail, wind, and tornado reports ploted on the maps with any information available.

Zoom into street level to view areas that will be most productive for you company.

Have your current customers plotted on the maps for easier storm follow ups.  (Extra Cost)

Get an e-mail after your purchase with all the details on how to get your hail maps.


Buy Unlimited Hail Maps for Louisiana!





Louisiana Unlimited Region

Hail & Hurricane Maps 

Events Last Year

Torn. 86 Hail 111 Wind 379


Including: New Orleans Baton Rouge Shreveport Metairie Lafayette Lake Charles Boisser City Monroe Alexandria and many more!




Tyler - Mount Pleasant, TX - Shreveport, LA 

 April 3, 2012

Storm Swath for: 1.75" Hail Map


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